Certified Segment Partner

We’re happy to call ourselves an official Certified Segment Partner.

Segment.com is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to hundreds of tools with the flick of a switch. What does that mean?

Think of it this way, the tools you might need for analytics, marketing automation, email, mobile attribution, user testing, error reporting, and support, all require the same data: who are your users and what are they doing. The problem is that it generally takes a lot of time and effort to integrate each new tool you might need. Why is that?

Data is generated from your website, app, or backend server. It typically needs to be logged in a specific way for each tool in your marketing stack for it to parse the data. This creates dependencies on your engineers and developers.

Now, imagine that you have invested three months in implementing all the tracking points and the SDKs for each tool to then realize six months later you need to swap your analytics tool, for instance. The developers would have to redo all that work again! Engineering and developer time has been wasted which means increased costs.

This is where Segment comes in. It allows you to set up the data points you need once. It then translates that tracking code into the format each specific tool requires to parse that data, and sends it along.

In a sense, it functions like a middleware that federates data to each destination. If you need to add a new tool, it just routes that data to that destination. This means no more waiting for App Store approval to turn on new tools, it happens immediately, with a toggle switch without the need to push code.

Of course, Segment is so much more. Amongst other things, it offers a powerful Customer Data Platform, which provides a single view of the customer by unifying touch points across devices, platforms, and channels. This allows for a greater understanding of customer journeys, building audiences, and executing real-time campaigns across different marketing tools, as well as personalizing each step of the customer journey.

Curious to hear more?

As a Certified Segment Partner, we are trained professionals in both the technical implementation of the system, building audiences, and running campaigns.

Moreover, we are an official reseller of Segment, which means we can aid and support you locally with acquiring the tool.

Ted Solomon

Sr. Digital Analyst

[email protected]