Associate Technical Analyst

This Is Us

To say that we are a digital marketing agency is perhaps a little misleading. Don’t get us wrong - we are - but the reason you are reading this is that we’re spearheading the way brands can leverage cloud technologies and infrastructures to solve challenging marketing problems, and we’re always on the look-out for talented, high-energy, and self-motivated graduates who are looking to expand and develop their theoretical knowledge with firsthand agency experience. That’s where you come in.

This Is You

Whether you’re in your final year or just graduated, you will get the opportunity to work together with and learn from some of the most talented people in the industry. You’ll be involved in exciting projects for brands such as Dreams, ICA, Epicenter, Omni, Lexly, Detectify, TV4, and many more. We will do our utmost to provide you with the best possible experience, by making sure you get a solid onboarding, a great peer forum, and a motivating coach, to lay the foundation for becoming the best in the business at marketing technologies but also how to implement and manage these technologies to achieve clients’ goals and objectives.

We’re looking for candidates with relevant completed or soon-to-be completed university degrees, who have strong communication skills in both Swedish and English, as well as strong analytical skills and a data-driven approach. Preferred technical expertise includes:

  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • API
  • REST

What You’ll Do

You will learn, and get hands-on experience, within growth strategies and planning phases, data collection, unifying customer data, audience targeting, and A/B testing. You will also assist in uncovering new insights, finding new ways of optimizing performance, as well as presenting and visualizing these in various forms. The role will also include:

  • Developing and implementing measurement plans
  • Setting up and configuring marketing tags and analytics tools
  • Building marketing data warehouses
  • Building dashboards and reports
  • Auditing and ensuring data quality
  • Identifying automation opportunities to drive business value
  • Explorative analysis to find solutions that increase our customers’ growth

Our team consists of analytics engineers, digital analysts, technical marketers, and data scientists, with experience from companies like Tesla, Klarna, Spotify, Outfox, and Precis Digital. Our vision is to disrupt digital marketing and create the leading Cloud for Marketing agency in the Nordics. We love sharing our knowledge and passion with eager and ambitious people who have a profound interest in tech, web technologies, and coding, and are interested in a career within data, tech, analytics, and marketing.

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, don’t hesitate to send your CV along with a short summary of why this would be a great fit to [email protected].