We are pioneers within Cloud-Based Marketing with a special focus on Analytics by Machine Learning and Privacy. Our team is made up of Digital Analysts, Technical Marketers, Business Strategists and Data Scientist, with experience from companies like Tesla, Klarna, Spotify, Outfox, and Precis Digital.


Ted Solomon
Founder & CEO
Ted has worked within the media- and advertising space for 10+ years. He has a proven track record of building and developing digital analytics and -marketing capabilities and leading teams to accelerate data-driven growth.
Linda Eriksson
Analytics Specialist
Linda has a solid academic background within digital marketing and analytics, from IHM Business School and Södertörns Högskola, along with experience of CRO, dashboard creation, SEO/SEM, and campaign analysis.
David Blom
Partner & COO
David has over 15 years of experience from international marketing-and-business management, including leading Tesla’s marketing organization in EMEA, and Viacom’s marketing department in the Nordics.
Anton Gezelius
Partner & Head of Measurement
Anton has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and analytics, specializing in measurement and automation. He's been designing tracking solutions for over 100 companies and has a background as an elite chess player.
David Tystberger
Partner & Head of Performance
For the last 8+ years, David has mastered data driven marketing on a global scale, from both agency-side and client-side. He has has also held key positions at top digital agencies, Sambla and Spotify.
Christopher Blidner
Team Lead - Performance Marketing
Christopher has worked within digital marketing for the last 10+ years. He has formerly been leading performance marketing teams at Precis Digital. He has a wide range of knowledge having worked with e-com, lead gen, and FMCG.
Oskar Holm
Data Scientist
Oskar has 3 years of agency experience, setting up tracking and analytics solutions for high-traffic websites. With a master's degree in engineering, he has a solid background for solving almost any technical task.