Senior Digital Analyst

Hey there, it’s great to meet you. We’re delighted that you found your way here.


Saying we’re a growth marketing agency is probably selling it a bit short. Don’t get us wrong - we are - but the reason you’re reading this is because we’re suddenly finding ourselves spearheading the way brands can leverage data into business advantages, and we need to grow in order to handle the influx of new requests. Fast. Because right now we have to turn business down and we don’t want that. That’s where you come in.

You see, in a very short time, we’ve built a client list with names such as Klarna, TV4, Schibstedt, Dreams, Bynk, and RISE. We have quickly earned their trust by not only being among the best in the business at technology such as Google Analytics, BigQuery,, Google Tag Manager, Firebase, Data Studio, Apps Flyer, and Adjust but equally important - knowing how to manage the output of that tech into actionable use.

And now we need another talented individual to get into the elevator with us while it’s still on the ground floor.


You have a passion and a demonstrated ability for using data and technology to impact goals and revenues. You are curious at heart and, like us, you need to be willing to learn, as we, and our clients, will depend on you to grow.

You will interact and work with clients that may be either large, mature bureaucratic organizations, or small, chaotic start-up companies, like ourselves. Analytics is at the core of our service offering, and you will work operatively with growth strategies and planning phases, data collection, unifying customer data, audience targeting, and A/B testing. Moreover, you will be uncovering new insights, finding new ways of optimizing performance, and presenting and visualizing these in various forms.


  • Spearhead our digital analytics efforts
  • Develop and implement measurement plans
  • Set up and configure marketing tags and analytics tools
  • Build marketing data warehouses
  • Audit and ensure data quality
  • Identify data and automation opportunities to drive business value
  • Secure team happiness and retention

Hands-on experience of this from previous positions is a prerequisite.


We will provide you with a unique opportunity to have a key role in building a top-tier growth marketing and analytics consultancy. You will have support and resources to further develop your leadership and skillset, and you will get to experiment with new cutting-edge marketing technologies.

  • Competitive salary and pension
  • 6-week vacation
  • SEK 5,000 worth of wellness contribution
  • Equipment of your own choice

Send your application to:

If you have any questions at all or want to know more about the position, don’t hesitate to contact David Lincoln Blom at: